Salesforce – WHAT? WHEN?


Salesforce is a CRM( ohhh…alright, one more.) but it’s enviroment and the others features it’s bring in, are incredible.

Seeing what I’ve seen so far working with it’s technologies, it seems incredible what they made for others companies, how they provide freedom to customize it’s own CRM and share it with others( of course, through money, selling and buying.)

Salesforce has an always growing community, evolving new stuff such as Meetups and Hackthlons all around the world, it’s now partnership with Microsoft make it’s future even more interesting for us developers, maybe in the future we’ll see a join of Microsoft Azure and Salesforce Databases?, the possibilities are amazing, imagining you using C# to develop Salesforce Apps and read it’s data?.

In Brazil, instead, salesforce has reached only a few spots, mainly in São Paulo, our biggest city, but as it says in this Article: “Salesforce is going to explore new areas such as B2C”, that’s a whole different approach, we may see Salesforce App Store becoming an area so great for developers that it will require a new whole mindset for Brazilian Developers in general, who knows??





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