Gamification – Learn’N’Share

Our education system is not as good as
It should be. But anyways, educate yourself it is always gonna a part of the process of “living”, so why is it not that fun?

Because is not made of what people like the most! and this thing is games. Of course you have played a game at least once: on your smartphone, tablet or PC. 


Look at this infograph if you have never heard of the new buzz-word Gamification



It explains in a simple way what really smart people are using to engage users and keep them connected and focused on what they were supposed to be doing.

But guess what? THAT’S NOT HAPPENING IN EDUCATION. The only good examples are duolingo and geekgames, those are the closest ones I can think of. They do great however, there are few more steps further if we want to bring all full gamification process to the “game”.

So those are my small thoughts about it, I hope you enjoy the reading, more posts are coming, next week I’ll talk more about web design and my first client!!!





Estou por ai.


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